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Indoor Air Quality
Bloomingdale, Illinois

Keep the air in your Bloomingdale home clean with an air purifying system. Air purifying systems will help remove any allergens in your home. Removing the particles in the air can benefit your health in several ways. Keep your health a priority in your life and learn how an indoor air quality unit can help you! Contact the professionals at Air Time to learn more at: 630-980-7300.


Benefits of Humidifiers Bloomingdale

Did you know that an indoor air quality system such as a humidifier can help alleviate your allergies? Allergies in Bloomingdale during the spring and summer can be brutal. However, a humidifier can help! Humidifiers help remove any dirt, dust and bacteria that’s inside your home. Humidifiers can also control moisture levels in your home as well. WIth so many options to choose from, contact the professionals at Air Time! We can help you choose the perfect unit for your home.

  • Clean Air- clean air makes it easier to breathe when the contaminants are lower in the air. When the air is cleaner it puts less stress on your lungs and body.
  • Sleep Quality- indoor air quality systems such as humidifiers can help balance the moisture levels in the air, which can help improve the quality of sleep. A humidifier can also help with someone’s sleep apnea as well. 
  • Moisture in Air- the moisture levels in the air are important and help prevent against mold and bacteria growth. An indoor air quality unit can help control the moisture levels in your home and increase the overall comfort levels.
  • Reduce Allergens- humidifiers help eliminate allergens in your home such as: dirt, dust, pollen and animal dander. Reducing these allergens in the home will help alleviate allergy symptoms.
  • Reduce risk of infections- bacteria and viruses do not travel as well in moist air. A humidifier helps prevent you from getting sick.
  • Energy Savings- With controlled air quality in the home, air conditioners and heaters can work more efficiently because they do not have to work as hard. Which will help save on the cost of your energy bills in Bloomingdale.

Indoor Air Quality Installation Bloomingdale

If you’re thinking about purchasing an indoor air quality system, contact the professionals at Air Time Heating and Cooling and we can install your new unit properly. If you need help deciding which type of system to buy, our professionals can help. We can install your new unit and show you how it works, while answering any questions you might have. At Air Time we offer affordable prices, financing, and a great service agreement. Trust our team of highly skilled technicians today! 

Why Air Time? 

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A little more about Air Time Heating & Cooling

We understand that it is generally not a great feeling to have to call someone to come to your home and provide you a service. That’s why we feel it’s important to tell you a little bit more about ourselves. We maintain a high level of quality among our staff and our equipment. All of our installers and technicians are trained on a regular, on-going basis and are certified by the following industry organizations:

  • Trane Dealer certified 
  • A+ Rated with the BBB
  • Over 30 Five Star Reviews on Google and counting. 
  • NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified
  • ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors Association) Members
  • Members of the Wood Dale Illinois Chamber of Commerce
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