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Air Conditioner Tune-Up Service Itasca Illinois

The decision to get a tune-up is entirely yours. Will your AC breakdown this summer without a tune-up? It’s not a guarantee but having a tune-up will certainly reduce the risk and help avoid costly repairs, in addition to sweltering discomfort. Contact Air Time Heating & Cooling today. Proud to be your licensed Itasca HVAC company! Call 630-994-5413 to set up an appointment and discuss your options. For only $79.50 we will perform a completed inspection, tune-up and cleaning on your home’s air conditioning system.

The Benefits of Spring Tune-Ups

Just like motors, if something hasn’t been in action for several months, it’s probably not going to perform at peak efficiency without some maintenance. Spring maintenance will give your air conditioner a head start in preparation for heavy use during the summer months. A spring tune-up could save your unit from running at lower efficiency and even avoid a breakdown, especially when you need your AC the most.

Spring is also a preferable time for an air conditioner tune-up because summers tend to be very busy for HVAC technicians. Most people don’t think about their air conditioners until there’s a problem. So when that first heat wave descends upon Illinois, many will fire up their air conditioners for the first time all season only to feel warm air blowing from the vents. Not that there’s ever a “good” time for your AC to break down, but it would it be a lot better to avoid the breakdown altogether by having a spring tune-up. Your AC doesn’t have feelings and isn’t trying to upset you by calling it quits during a blistering heat wave; it’s just a machine that requires maintenance just like any other machine. Getting an appointment during the less congested springtime will be much easier and your Itasca HVAC company will be much more flexible with their hours to accommodate your schedule rather than during a heat wave.

Save Money – Fix Small Problems Before They Turn Into BIG Problems

Our team of highly trained HVAC technicians offer air conditioner tune ups throughout the Itasca Illinois area. For only $79.50 we will perform a completed inspection, tune-up and cleaning on your home’s air conditioning system. During this process we aim to spot and fix any little problems before they become larger ones. More times than not we can prevent unnecessary repairs in the future and increase air efficiency by cleaning and checking your a/c system. 

It’s estimated that your air conditioner’s operating efficiency can decrease by 5% if you skip regular maintenance. That doesn’t mean that your AC will just quit on you at any moment, but it does mean higher operating costs month after month. Over time and even while indoors, debris and dust can collect on the unit’s evaporator coils. On the exterior of your home, condenser coils can collect dirt, leaves, grass clippings, pieces of trash, etc. This build-up can impede airflow and prevent your AC from cooling your home as efficiently as it normally would. The system’s condensate drain needs to be checked for any sign of clogs. A clog can hamper the ability of the system to regulate humidity, one of the primary reasons why we have air conditioners in the first place. In addition, motor parts need to be lubricated to reduce friction, another key component of operational efficiency. Blower components need to be checked, cleaned, and adjusted. Hindered airflow can lead to a loss of up to 15% in efficiency.

Having your AC properly maintained and checked could translate into a cooling cost savings of up to 15%. So, don’t sweat the small stuff; get your AC checked. It will keep your home comfortable and save you money in energy costs and costly repairs. Even if major repairs are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, continue reading below to learn important information that could pertain to your air conditioner’s warranty.

Avoiding Regular Maintenance May Void Your Warranty

If saving money and avoiding breakdowns aren’t convincing reasons for you to get your air conditioner tuned up annually, this little tidbit may serve as the decisive factor. Warranty certificates from large HVAC manufacturers (including Lennox, Trane, et. al.) are very clear that they will not provide replacement parts if the unit was not regularly maintained by an HVAC professional. Manufacturers are aware that a properly maintained air conditioner will be less likely to need a warranty part to begin with. To check the terms of your own air conditioner manufacturer’s warranty, look for verbiage along the lines of “eligibility requirements” or something similar in the warranty certificate. After spending a rather large sum of money on a new unit, annual tune-ups will help protect your investment.